Association of Committed Teachers


Still another fruitful partnership has been the collaboration Wellspring has had with the Association of Committed Teachers in Rwanda.  This grassroots Christian teachers association exists to bless the country as educators support one another in their faith and profession.  With over 800 members nation-wide, ACT Rwanda reaches out to encourage teachers to wake up each morning and do the right things.  Our support to ACT Rwanda has been centered on our belief that educators need networks of support and encouragement as they go about the incredibly important job of empowering the next generation of the country’s leaders.  In addition to the encouragement offered to educators across the country through ACT, Wellspring has partnered with ACT to support the development of a cadre of trainers in World Vision Rwanda’s Personal Development Workshops.   This peace and reconciliation program adds tremendous value into Rwanda’s education sector when educators are given the chance to work through pains of the past in order to build a hopeful future.