Working with Others


One of our greatest joys as an organization is the privilege that we have to work together with others who share our passion for empowering a new generation of young people in Rwanda.  One of our organization’s five core values is partnership: “we strive to build partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations”.

If we are honest in the nonprofit world we naturally view “others” as the competition.  A talented individual is perhaps a threat to our job or opportunity to advance in our particular field.  A great NGO is more likely than us to get that next grant opportunity.  Although we don’t have mastery over our attitudes every day, at Wellspring we are trying to be abundant in our own thinking, looking for the gifts and abilities in others and seeking to genuinely work alongside one another individually and corporately. Not only do we want to work effectively with others, we would like to encourage everyone around us to do the same.

In English we have a great saying:  “Put your money where your mouth is!”  In other words, if we say something is important, our actions had better align with our words.  We hope that we are being found faithful when it comes to working with others.