School Leadership Training


Wellspring supports school leaders and Sector Education Officers (SEOs) in their roles and responsibilities at their schools. It is clear that school leaders have a significant impact on the health of the school community and leading improvement towards quality education. Wellspring’s experience in Rwanda has indicted that school leaders are the single most significant contributor to school change and improvement. Thus, Wellspring’s investment in school leaders is a strategic investment towards tangible developments within school communities. Empowering school leaders with the necessary leadership and management skills is crucial to their success and the success of their schools. Additionally, equipping school leaders to monitor support, and lead the teaching and learning process in their schools is critical for any improvement in educational quality. Where school leadership takes ownership for quality teaching and learning the results in classrooms and for students is significant.

Wellspring’s program of training in Quality Education is offered to teachers, school leaders and SEOs. This training is seeking to raise greater awareness and understanding of what quality teaching and learning should look like in schools. Educational leaders and teachers attend Wellspring’s training activities together, not only to learn, but to help foster collaboration between the school leaders and teachers for educational development. In doing this, our goal is to witness ‘professional communities of learning’ emerging among the staff of these schools.

Our school leadership trainings are focused on empowering leaders in various ways:

Leadership Skills – many educational leaders lack the appropriate and necessary leadership skills required to effectively lead their school community. They receive training in Servant Leadership and Working with People. These training courses are designed to help leaders understand that leadership is more of an opportunity of service to others than about a personal title or position. It helps leaders identify their motivation for leadership and encourages them to lead from a place of service and encouragement.

School Leadership and Management – many educational leaders request skills and practical support in leading and managing their responsibilities in school. Gradually, they are supported through a variety of trainings and activities in order to equip them to be effective school leaders.

Supervision of Teaching and Learning – there is a need for educational leaders to grow and develop their interest and skills in the area of quality teaching and learning. Many school leaders are busy with administration and positional activities rather than the quality of teaching and learning in their school. Wellspring offers training and support to help equip educational leaders in their responsibility to supervise and support quality teaching and learning.

Training days and workshops are delivered directly to educational leaders by Wellspring. Following these trainings, Wellspring’s trainers seek to support and observe educational leaders at their respective schools. Educational leaders are expected to attend and support school based trainings and other activities, including observing lessons & participating in professional development discussion with teachers and Wellspring trainers.

In the past, educational leaders also received training through ‘Personal Development Workshops’.  This was a training and counseling course offered to support Rwandans in their journey of healing and reconciliation. Wellspring has learnt that leaders need to be whole themselves if they are to lead a healthy and unified community.