Our Programs


For the past decade, Wellspring Foundation has focused its work in the district of Gasabo through its signature program also known as the School Development Program, working with all of the public and private aided schools in the district. With the support of our amazing donors community in Canada and the USA, and in the past, the Innovation Fund for Education (a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the British Department for International Development, DFID), and the Canadian International Development Agency, we have been investing in capacity building within 50 rural urban school communities.

In 2017, Wellspring partnered with Rubavu district with the objective of alleviating poor teaching practices in 75 public and private aided schools in the district located in the Western province of Rwanda.

The School Development Program (SDP) is a holistic approach to improving the quality of education in Rwandan schools. It seeks to empower and support each stakeholder in their different roles within a school community towards quality education. The SDP involves direct training delivered to Sector Education Officers (SEOs), school leaders, teachers and parents followed by school based support activities. This ensures that there is follow up and accountability for training that is received and importantly, that support is given for ensuring training can be translated into practice. One of the great challenges for any training is whether it can be translated and implemented in practice and thus the school based follow up is a crucial part of successful implementation towards educational change.

Our hope through this intensive multi-year investment has been to demonstrate the substantial progress that can be achieved in teaching and genuine learning when educational leaders, teachers, and the community understand the part they have to play and work together to make the little changes that all together we trust will result in Vibrant School Communities. With over 10 years of experience in this approach to educational change Wellspring has shown that significant change can be made in the quality of education when investment is made directly into school community stakeholders.

In 2015, Wellspring Foundation launched its Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) in response to the education sector need to develop strong educational leaders. In partnership with world-class facilitators and with the support of  Trinity Western University (TWU), the ALI seeks to provide an opportunity for in-service leadership development to school leaders and school entrepreneurs in Rwanda and in the region by offering practical Christ-centered and action-centered modules that will empower them in their long journey of developing quality education in their schools. At the completion of the course, graduates are issued a “Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership”