Impacting our partners in the western province

Over the last couple of months, our team has been providing in-service trainings to teachers, school leaders of the Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda (AEBR=Association des Eglises Baptistes au Rwanda) through our Christian Foundations in Education Program. This support is in line with Wellspring’s partnership with AEBR and it focuses on AEBR schools located in the western region of Rwanda. The program aim is to help AEBR’s schools leaders and teachers to grow in their leadership skills and in their pedagogical competencies. Below are some highlights from the various trainings offered:
  • We have delivered a Servant leadership module to 52 leaders including school leaders and local government education leaders. The school leaders came from 22 AEBR schools.
  • We have delivered a quality education module covering Values and Worldview to 100 participants including 66 teachers’ multipliers, 30 school leaders, and some SEOs.
  • We have given leaders some support in lesson observations and encouraging leaders to set targets for Servant Leadership and Values through discussions with them.
These trainings have been followed by a series of observations from our team in different schools across 3 districts: Rubavu, Rutsiro and Nyabihu, in addition to model lessons that were given in each of the school by our trainers. This will continue throughout this term until we have visited all 22 schools currently in the program. Some feedback from teachers:
  • Following the series of trainings offered to school leaders, most of the teachers commented how great it is to not just have the marks given for lesson observations as a focus, but have a focus on the discussion and learning that comes with it.
  • Teachers have been impressed that the discussions are positive and focusing on positive aspects of the lesson above the negative ones.
  • Teachers have remarked that the lesson observations they have previously received from their leaders were always focused on “don’t do this”, “you didn’t do that” and not what they did well. They now feel encouraged by this new approach.
Testimonies from some teachers:
  • Before the training I used to tell students they were wrong. Now I encourage them whether they are wrong or right, and now they feel more free.”- Said a teacher from Gacuba II Secondary School, Rubavu District
  • I used to assume students didn’t know anything and I did all the talking. But now I have realised that when you give students a chance they can contribute.”- Said another teacher from Gacuba II Secondary School, Rubavu District
  • I used to beat students to discipline them. But when I saw the model lesson given by trainers in our school, I discovered new and more positive ways to manage the behaviour in my class which I am now going to adopt” –Teacher, Groupe Scolaire Cyivugiza, Rutsiro District
  • The new thing we have heard from the program is about praising students and it helped me to manage the class and engage everyone. Students are happy when we do it.” – Teacher, Kirerema Primary School, Rubavu District
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