120 educators to be empowered with the Asset-Based approach in Rubavu


The Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) concept is one of the innovative solutions championed by Wellspring Foundation for Education as part of its signature program aimed at helping schools and the community alleviate student’s poor learning.

Wellspring’s ABCD approach insists that schools and communities have assets, resources, and strengths that can help them address issues and overcome obstacles standing in the way of effective learning and equitable quality education in schools.  So instead of asking questions such as “what do we need?” the concept emphasizes on “what do we have?” ABCD emphasizes abundance rather than scarcity.

As part of the Wellspring-Rubavu District partnership aimed at fostering quality education in 75 schools in Rubavu, up to 120 educators will be given an in-depth 4 days training on how ABCD approach can be tapped into in order to reverse destructive patterns such as high student’s dropouts rates, poor learning achievement, low teaching standards, and an increased disengagement from parental communities.

The ABCD training has been taking place in Rubavu District (Western Province). Started on April 3rd    , it is expected to end on April 6th. Participants include Headteachers, deputy headteachers, directors of studies, sector education officers and district officers.   

According to Dr. Emmanuel Sibomana, Wellspring Director of Policy and Planning, “experience has demonstrated that whenever people expect others to develop solutions on their behalf, they become unable to think outside the box. They become powerless and fail to realize that they have opportunities and capabilities that they can leverage on in order to get things done. They behave like clients instead of behaving like citizens. Clients always think that “someone out there” will address their problems while citizens own their destiny and face their challenges by using their own ideas, assets, talents, and creativity”

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