Core Modules

Personal Development Workshops Within Rwandan schools today prejudice continues to linger in many places. The threat of genocide ideology in particular requires a proactive response. The Personal Development Workshops were developed by World Vision as a tool to help Rwandans deal with their painful past and work together towards a hopeful future. This module takes participants on a journey of reconciliation, and will help school leaders and teachers to develop truly harmonious school communities. Servant Leadership The Servant Leadership course is uniquely designed to help school leaders succeed in developing positive learning environments. This module equips school leaders to: Understand the importance of personal attitudes and perspectives toward leadership Comprehend that TO LEAD IS TO SERVE Understand how to work with different personality types in order to build an effective and successful team See the potential in others, to develop and empower them to impact their community Racheal Komant (Masters in Leadership) is the creator and facilitator for the Servant Leadership Course. Identifying Worldviews There is a piece of common wisdom that says “what one thinks determines how one acts”. The Worldview course is one which helps participants identify what it is that they believe, and what results will come about because of what they believe. It explores contrasting Worldviews and the values which contribute towards building a new Rwanda. Integration of values The Integration of values module helps teachers develop a framework and the skills that they need to emphasize the values of unity, uniqueness, service, and stewardship through the national curriculum. Teachers are led through a training process that equips them to make values come alive through the subjects that they teach every day (for example, Mathematics is a wonderful opportunity to teach about honesty and accuracy). As teachers learn to seamlessly integrate values into their teaching, they build into Rwanda’s young people and influence their hearts, not just their intellect. Quality Education Quality Education; A Way of Thinking (Q.E.): The Q.E. module is designed to equip teachers to achieve, apply and evaluate quality in education. This course works simply yet systematically with teachers to address key issues. Each of the eight units are tied to quality indicators: active participation, the development of cognitive skills, development and use of teaching aids, lesson planning, use of values, group work, behavior management and reflective skills for continuous improvement. The Q.E. module also helps address teacher motivation as they recognize their significance and importance as teachers, and develop the kinds of skills that they can continually improve upon. The Q.E. module is designed to be highly measurable and tracks each teacher’s performance from an initial baseline evaluation through to “theory in use” evaluations. Quality Education; A Way of Thinking Supervisor Course: The supervisory module of the Q.E. training equips school leaders to create an environment of continual improvement in the delivery of quality education. In it school leaders further understand what is required for quality, what to look for, and how to develop it. Parenting Course The parenting course has been designed to help parents and guardians support schools and the children under their care in achieving the objectives of the education sector. It engages the parents and school community in the process of developing a shared commitment to work together to transform the community and support the children through their education. The course also equips them with mehtods and strategies to support children to develop their whole potential for the benefit of the community. Module #1: Foundation for Good Parenting Looks at the kind of foundation a parent is building off of and the type of environment where the child is being raised. The goal is to increase the understanding and involvment of a parent in the life of their child, especially their education. Module #2: Family Relationships Focuses on improving the different relationships between parents and other caregivers and the child. Module #3: Parent-Teacher Relationships Teaches the parent the importance of participating in their child's education and engaging with the teacher. Olive Bugembe designed this course while serving as a volunteer for Wellspring. Jeanne Tuyisenge is helping to facilitate this course as it is being implemented in the school communities.