School Development Program

  Overcrowded classrooms, poor facilities, low morale, under trained teachers, lack of visionary leadership, and strained relationships between parents and staff all contribute to the low quality of education in many Rwandan schools. Teachers working together School Development is an innovative approach to school improvement crafted in response to the needs of the Rwandan education sector.  Our training team walks alongside entire school communities—school leaders, teachers, parents, and children—to bring sustainable transformation and measurable results. Wellspring is currently working is 41 Rwandan public schools in Gasabo district, impacting over 50,000 children.  We are improving school quality and teacher motivation through training in servant leadership, peace and reconciliation, quality education, worldview, parenting, and the integration of values into the curriculum. Students at Nyakabanda School We have already seen school communities make significant progress, including improved parent-teacher collaboration, decreased absenteeism, increased active participation, greater care for students, and higher motivation among teachers and students. Learn how you can help improve needy Rwandan schools and impact the lives of young people today: Sign up to Support a Teacher Trainer or give a one-time gift to impact and entire classroom of students.

WSDP Core Modules

  1. Personal Development Workshops (World Vision) Focus: the heart of the person (peace and reconciliation)
  2. Servant Leadership Focus: leadership which puts others first and develops effective empowered individuals and communities
  3. Identifying Worldviews Focus:  identifying the foundation of thinking for teaching and learning
  4. Integrating values into the Rwanda National Curriculum Focus: relating all learning to the values of unity, uniqueness, service and stewardship
  5. Quality Education- A Way of Thinking Focus: developing effective continuous improvement practice for teachers
  6. Quality Education- A Way of Thinking for Head teachers and District Inspectors Focus: supporting head teachers and inspectors to develop teachers in effective continuous improvement practice
  7. Parenting and Education Focus: role of the parent/guardian in supporting education of the whole child