RENCP|TDEL Working Group Study Visit in Group Scolaire Kinyinya


GS Kinyinya Primary Class Students

On September 30, 2015, Wellspring Foundation organised and coordinated a Study Visit involving members of the Teacher Development and Educational Leadership Working Group (TDEL), one of the five Working Groups of the Rwanda Education NGOs Coordination Platform (RENCP). RENCP was formed to foster collaboration, and to encourage experience sharing among different NGOs and Civil Society Organisations active in the Education Sector. Launched in 2009, RENCP grew from 25 members to more than 70 members. The purpose of the Study Visit was to allow the TDEL Working group members to see the impact of Wellspring “Non Multipliers” work in Group Scolare Kinyinya, one of 49 Gasabo District Schools that are supported by Wellspring. Non Multipliers are teachers that have been trained through peer learning from their fellow colleagues (Multipliers) who have directly been empowered by Wellspring Teacher Trainers. During the visit, members of the TDELWG were given the occasion to participate in a couple of lessons observation sessions followed by a catch-up meeting where best practices and perspectives were shared among the participants. But it was also an opportunity for the visitors to hear more from teachers on how Wellspring, through its School Development Program, has helped them overcome some serious challenges they have been facing in their profession. It was also an occasion for them to be encouraged and to hear from the experience and knowledge of other educationalists from the visiting organisations.

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Some Impressions from  the visitors: “It’s impressive to see how multipliers can empower their fellow teachers by sharing even the little that they have. It was amazing to see how values are integrated in the lesson”—Catherine Mercy, Save the Children Rwanda “I liked the enthusiasm in the classroom. One could clearly see that the teacher planned the lesson very carefully from the introduction to the end”—Kathy Newman, A Partner In Education (APIE) “I was impressed by the way the teacher was motivated, enthusiastic and organised”—Patrick Hatari, PLAN Rwanda “It’s amazing to see how both the students and the teacher were motivated despite the few available resources like textbooks and the bigger class size!” – Emmanuel Niyirora, Teachers Union (SNER)
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