Orientation Day – May 28, 2015 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

ALI orientation day FRONTOn this May 28, 2015, Students attended the Abundant Leadership Institute Orientation day. The students were honored by the presence of Excellence Ambassador Dr Charles Murigande who gave a remarkable devotional presentation on the Role of Quality Education and Leadership in the Nation Building process. Richard Taylor co-founder of Wellspring Foundation and Wellspring Foundation Rwanda Country Director  for Education facilitated the Team Building session in which students got the opportunity to introduce to each other and share the vision and passion  they dear hold  in the development of quality education in Rwanda. Jeffery Komant, Co- founder of the Wellspring Foundation and Wellspring Foundation for Education Burundi Country Director presented the Wellspring Foundation journey from its inception to the coming of the Abundant Leadership Institute. This presentation highlighted how practically this exciting vision was born, the encountered opportunities and faced challenges on the journey, and the current exciting time of growth and expansion. Phocas Ngendahayo, Abundant Leadership Institute Director, co-shared with Richard on the Curriculum, Modules and the courses schedule. The Orientation day ended with the happy sharing of lunch and the visit to the Kigabaga Plot the future home of the Wellspring Foundation For Education and of the Abundant Leadership Institute. As photographs will show you, this site and the whole Vision of Wellspring Centre as a Hub of Education for the entire region were dedicated to God through prayer.  Phocas Ngendahayo ALI Director ALI orientation day INSIDE
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