Mentorship, a key component in Leadership Development

IMG_8227A one day mentorship orientation for the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) students was held on November 19, 2015 as part of their In-service professional leadership development. “One of the ALI interests is to ensure that leaders can put the theories they learned into practice and in their own Organizations. We want to ensure that mentorship is a key component in leadership development, because it allows leaders outside of the classes to really test their ideas,  to receive feedback, and to be able to learn from somebody who is more experienced so that they can learn from what they have done”, said Richard Taylor, Wellspring Rwanda Country Director. The idea is to organize “by group” mentoring with groups of 3 to 4 ALI students, with one mentor per group. The objective of these group mentoring is to look at the results of some diagnostic tests that help the leaders to know more about themselves, their personalities and their leadership styles and how they work as part of a team. And then on the basis of those tests, they share their learning with mentors and then start a journey to be able to determine how they can really strengthen their leadership within the context of their work. About the ALI | The Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) is one of the Wellspring Foundation key components. It offers an in-service practical training in Leadership development for educational Leaders in Rwanda and in Africa.
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