Gasabo Education Vision Day


QE Trainers Aimable (Left) and Beatrice (right) gathering thoughts from their Group discussions

On Wednesday the 12th March 2014 Wellspring facilitated a Gasabo Education Vision Day for educational stakeholders working towards the improvement of quality education. Participants included; teachers, parents, school leaders, Sector Education Officers, Executive Secretaries, District Education Officer and partners. The day began with an inspiring reminder that together we are working for and serving the children of Gasabo District, that they might have a good quality education and thus a hopeful future. After outlining the key goals and strategies detailed in the ESSP 2013/2014-2017/2018 and recent remarks from the Ministry of Education and Rwandan Education Board concerning the need to focus on the delivery of quality education, the dreaming began. Educational stakeholders began to share and discuss what their vision for quality education in Gasabo would look like and then shared some ideas and strategies for making this vision a reality. There was a great atmosphere of freedom, care and determination among participants, which brought forth a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. An inspiring day for education in Gasabo!

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