Effective School Leadership Principles and Practices as a way to boost and foster quality education in schools

IMG_9262The Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) resumed its training with a key module on School Leadership Principles and Practices.. The purpose of the module is to ensure that the participants (mainly education leaders) are equipped and acquire the knowledge, the attitudes and practices required to lead and manage schools consistently and effectively. During the training, essential school leadership and management concepts will be presented and reflected on with the focus on how schools leaders like Head Teachers, and Director of Studies can be enabled to develop practical strategies to empower teachers, to better manage schools resources and opportunities, and to develop and sustain quality education. “Like rooms in a house, effective school leadership and management is made of different nonnegotiable components that need to be permanently developed. They include the necessity of school leaders to know themselves before they can lead others, the need to foster healthy communication and planning, the importance of values and ethics” said Claudio Morelli, one of the key facilitators of the Abundant Leadership Institute. At the end of this module, students should have a deeper understanding of how to build positive and trustworthy school cultures by applying and following best practices in the leadership and management of schools with the support of their communities. Building head teachers’ capacity to lead schools, pedagogically and administratively is considered to be a key recommendation toward the achievement of quality education in keeping with the Rwanda Education Sector Strategic Plan, the Rwanda Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-4).  

Claudio Morelli

Claudio Morelli is a life-long educator, leader and learner who after 34 years as a public educator in British Columbia, Canada is now sharing his experience, wisdom and passion with educators and leaders locally and internationally. He is the Technical Consultant for the Wellspring Foundation For Education and has served in that capacity for three years in Rwanda and in Langley, British Columbia.     About the ALI | The Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) is one of the Wellspring Foundation key components. It offers an in-service practical Christ-centered training in Leadership development for educational Leaders in Rwanda and in Africa.
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