Background of the ALI

ALI teacherQuality Education and Leadership development are the essence of the Wellspring’s Vision and Mission and activities.   After a decade of empowering teachers towards quality education, Wellspring Foundation for Education faced a pressing reality: a felt need in area of leadership development for educational leaders.  Thus, the Abundant Leadership Institute was launched to meet this very need. We believe Abundant Leaders who truly serve their communities are critical to Educational and spiritual transformation in Central Africa. This is why we are building on years of experience in school leadership development to start the Abundant leadership Institute (ALI) in Kigali, Rwanda. This institute offers a Christ-centered and action-oriented to leadership development in a sector where there is currently little practical support for promising leaders.  It draws from our previous experience in leadership development and utilizes knowledge and resources from other successful programs and a global network of leadership experts. At the completion of the course, graduates are issued a “Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership”. Discussions around the accreditation of the program are ongoing. This innovative program has attracted one of the top and brilliant educational leaders in the country and in the region. They come from various background (Principals of Schools, Entrepreneurs in Education, School Developers), religious denominations. They have in common a strong passion and a vision to transform their school communities. At the ALI, students’ knowledge and character are stimulated, their skill-set sharpened and their competence developed.