4 Days workshop on Quality education

Developing passionate and competent school leaders and teachers is a non-negotiable requirement towards quality education. So empowering teachers and school leaders to ensure that they are equipped and ready to help Rwandan children unleash their great potential is key. In partnership with the district of Gasabo and the Rwanda Education Board (REB), Wellspring Foundation quality education trainers have been facilitating a 4 days training of nearly 500 passionate educators including school leaders, director of studies, teachers, and sector education officers, within the framework of Wellspring’s support to the district of Gasabo through the School Development Programme. The purpose of this workshop that started on August 1st, 2016 was to help teachers and school leaders be familiar with the elements of the new national teaching curriculum, which is learner-centered and competence based. To ensure that the workshop is more practical and compatible with the context of their respective schools, the participants were given the opportunity to take part in lessons modeling and group sessions led by Wellspring’s team as core components of the new curriculum were being unpacked. “This workshop is about empowering school leaders, teachers and sector education officers towards an effective implementation of the Competence-based curriculum. This workshop was designed in a way that teachers and school leaders will get a clearer and deeper understanding of the CBC components and to help them be equipped to handle some of the challenges they have been encountering in its implementation” Quality education senior manager, Theogene KAYIRANGA said. Author: S. Nyembo
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