4 days ‘ABCD’ and Servant Leadership Training for up to 300 educators in Gasabo District


Photos of participants in ABCD group sessions

Wellspring is conducting a Four-days training of nearly 300 Gasabo District educators including Teachers, Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers and Sector Education Officers (SEOs) on “Asset-Based Community Development” (ABCD) and Servant Leadership, within the framework of its School Development Program (SDP) in 49 public schools of the District. The ABCD program aims to empower the community and especially schools leaders and educators so that they can be able to build their communities and their schools by using the assets and resources that they have rather than focusing on their needs. The ABCD program seeks to increase the educators’ confidence in leading a positive and successful change in their communities through their own potential and gifts. IMG_8354 “Through the ABCD program, we want to challenge the educators’ mentality toward abundance and homegrown innovative solutions. We want to encourage the community and the school leaders in particular to seek solutions to the challenges they face by starting with their current assets rather than with what they lack. ABCD means ‘everybody has gifts, talents and skills that can contribute to the development our community’. So we encourage them to have a ‘Half-Full glass’ approach rather than a ‘Half-Empty glass’ approach’ ”, said Theogene Kayiranga, Wellspring Quality Education Programme Manager.
Quality Education Program Manager, Theogene Kayiranga

Quality Education Program Manager, Theogene Kayiranga

Servant Leadership is also a key component of this twofold training: “Servant Leadership is about giving to your community and to the people you are leading.  A gift is not helpful until it is given to others. We want to foster a type of leadership which focuses on serving others from an unselfish heart. We want leaders to mature in their understanding of their real role in the community: not to be served but to serve with their hearts and their gifts” said Theogene. ABOUT THE SDP | The School Development Program (SDP) is a holistic approach to improving the quality of education in Rwandan schools. It seeks to empower and support each stakeholder in their different roles within a school community towards quality education. The SDP involves direct training delivered to Sector Education Officers (SEOs), school leaders, teachers and parents followed by school based support activities. The SDP is essentially implemented in 49 public schools of the District of Gasabo [Find out more]    
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