3 days Servant Leadership training of up to 40 school leaders from the Baptist Churches Association

IMG_0005_Wellspring has been delivering a 3 days training to up to 40 educators from 24 schools of the Association of the Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). The trainees include Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Heads of studies, and Discipline masters from the AEBR schools located in the western province of Rwanda in the districts of Rubavu, Rutsiro, Ngororero and Nyabihu. The training covered key courses in Servant Leadership in line with Wellspring’s School Development Program and within the framework of the partnership between Wellspring and AEBR aimed at supporting the Baptist’s Churches educators in their effort to develop and improve Quality of Education in their Government-aided schools. The AEBR started its missionary and educational activities in Rwanda since 1964. With more than 52 schools in Rwanda, the Association is regarded as one of the leading Christian Organizations involved in Education. But despite its impressive visibility, the Baptist Churches have not been as successful in making sure that quality education and Christian based values are consistently integrated in to the learning and the teaching. “Leadership is the foundation of any school development initiative. There cannot be any improvement in Quality education unless there is a strong and well established leadership in schools. Upon the request of the AEBR top leadership, we conducted an assessment that revealed that the main issues within their schools are the result of poor leadership skills among school educators and leaders in particular. Conflicts, backstabbing, lack of collaboration, deliberate insubordinations, poor communication, Silos, and dictatorship were part of the environment in which AEBR educators worked. It is clear that with this kind of environment, quality education can never be achieved. AEBR top leadership decided therefore to have their key school leaders trained by Wellspring in Servant Leadership to reverse this negative leadership pattern” said Gilbert Bisengo, Wellspring Education Program Manager. ABOUT THE SDP | The School Development Program (SDP) is a holistic approach to improving the quality of education in Rwandan schools. It seeks to empower and support each stakeholder in their different roles within a school community towards quality education. The SDP involves direct training delivered to Sector Education Officers (SEOs), school leaders, teachers and parents followed by school based support activities. The SDP is essentially implemented in 49 public schools of the District of Gasabo [Find out more]
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