2 Days Training of the School General Assembly Committees (SGACs)

IMG_8426Wellspring Foundation is delivering a 2 days training of up to 170 participants from different School General Assemblies of the 48 schools supported by the Wellspring School Development Program in Gasabo District. The participants are essentially composed of parents representing their Schools General Assemblies (SGA)  also known as Parent Teachers Association (PTAs) and include all the parents that are part of the school community, whether they have children in the school or not. SGAs ensure that parents are involved in setting the strategy of the school. They play a big role in the validation of key school decisions and in determining how parents should contribute to the development of the school. This is achieved through an elected committee, the School General Assembly Committee (SGAC) which follows up and implements the decisions from the SGAs on a regular basis and in collaboration with the school leadership. SGAs offer the opportunity to have a balanced and an inclusive parental involvement in the development of schools. Along the SGAC is a Committee of Audit whose main role is to ensure the accountability of the SGACs but also to evaluate their work. “The training is in line with the Government Law on the role and the responsibilities of School General Assembly Committees and it aims at ensuring that parents’ awareness on their role and responsibility in school development is increased. We want to ensure that SGAs are strengthened and that the role of different stakeholders is clarified and understood. We have witnessed situations where school leaders interfered with the SGACs decisions by attempting to manipulate some Committee members. We believe that this training with bring more clarity on the role of each committee member and the way the committee relates to other stakeholders like school owners who sometimes can obstruct the good work of SGACs. The training will also explain the relationship between the Committees of Audit and the SGACs with emphasis on accountability and transparency. At the end of this training, parents should be in a position where they can better support the school leadership while maintaining healthy work relations with the school owners”, said Vedaste Byombi who is in charge of the Wellspring’s Community Involvement Program. About the Wellspring Community Involvement ProgramThe Community Involvement Program is a key component of the Wellspring School Development Program (SDP). It seeks to raise parental awareness on their involvement in school management and development [Find out more]
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