2 days leadership workshop for 100 school leaders at Wellspring Foundation

Wellspring is hosting a 2 days leadership workshop of 100 school leaders coming from Gasabo district schools as part of Wellspring’s school development program. The participants include school head teachers and deputy head teachers as well as local government education officers also known as sector education officers (SEO). The main purpose of the workshop is to foster school leaders’ awareness with regard to their capability to lead a positive transformation within their respective areas of operations. “We would like to help Gasabo leaders in their continual leadership development. School leaders play a crucial role as they are indispensable agent of change. So we would like to encourage them to tap into that great potential in order to impact the people they lead in a sustainable way”, said Theogene Kayiranga, Wellspring’s senior program manager. The workshop also comes as an opportunity to catch up on some key components of the competence based curriculum (CBC) and to discuss some pieces of it in order to allow leaders to have a proper understanding of what the CBC entails and what their role as leaders should look like. Leaders will also have the occasion to analyse the results of the national examinations and to articulate practical actions that can help them adjust and enhance the teaching and learning in their respective schools. “At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to develop and display a strong sense of ownership and confidence in all aspects of their school’s life. We expect school leaders to be more motivated and enthusiastic by being at the forefront of every good initiative in their schools. We also believe that they will feel more confident to empower their staff to mitigate educational gaps for the learning of all students in their school” Theogene said.
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